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Who We Are:

Comegetchu is a specialized unique Roadside and Off-Road Assistance service provider powered by the use of mobile technology, aimed at the emergency vehicle requirements a driver may experience in various types of climate and terrain within Gaborone and surrounding areas.

Our services are primarily subscription based with various packages to choose from to allow you as a consumer peace of mind. By hailing for help utilising our mobile app, we offer our services to demographics of the private, corporate and general public. Our services are extended to on and off-road drivers meaning all vehicles can receive assistance should travel interruptions occur to ensure continuity.

All ERA (Emergency Road Assistance) vehicles are off road capable and are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure successful recoveries for any problems drivers experience in even the most remote and secluded locations within or outside of Gaborone.

Our team of ERAAs (Emergency Road Assistance Attendants) are proficient in vehicle recovery and very familiar with basic survival skills to “Comegetchu” 24 hours a day, all year round. Comegetchu vehicles are fitted-out to make sure that when they attend to an incident, whatever your requirements are we will provide and guarantee a safe recovery in a timely and professional manner as service excellence is our prerogative.

Our Mission Statement:

To keep Botswana roads safe and non-congested to promote safety and transit continuity consequently preserving life. Statistics show that every year there is a trend reporting a rise in car breakdowns and road accidents including damage to property, therefore we at Comegetchu believe in a zero tolerance ethos for vehicle related threats to society.