About Us

Comegetchu is the first of its kind, 100% Motswana owned, convenience focused roadside assistance and off-road assistance service provider in Botswana aimed at supporting the everyday emergency needs of motorists within Gaborone and surrounding areas to enhance your driving experience, to top it all we conduct our services in any type of climate and terrain.

Currently we offer no services across the Botswana border lines and only deal with vehicles that range from light vehicles to 4x4s’ however we boast a team of experienced and well trained personnel who will not only assist you in your time of dismay but will ensure your safety at all times from the various hazards vehicles can encounter in the case of an emergency.

There are three categories of terrain we are prepared for that you may find yourself in namely mud, tarmac and gravel. Each terrain category entails an array of tools and supplies to suit any situation ensuring maximum service delivery levels. We will “Comegetchu” and you will never have to abandon your vehicle again.

To request and attain assistance, become a member by signing up for free use of our mobile app, then you can either call or email us in order to finalise the process, readily availing basic information about your vehicle and the nature of your request for assistance (RFA). We will then log a ticket by the use of our proprietary mobile technology to locate you resulting in a quicker response time giving you value for your money and of course peace of mind.

It is our mandate at Comegetchu to assure clients the uppermost possible amount of safety and security so we offer vehicle service checks regularly in order for clients to feel comfortable getting behind the wheel and continuing their trip, so drive confidently knowing that in your time of need we’ll “Comegetchu“.


Diversity – Leverage through improvisation, adaptation and technology

Respect – Earned and not acquired

Teamwork – Operate as a single unit

Integrity – Honour through honesty and strong moral principles

Passion – Sharing the mission toward zero vehicle related harm


For more information contact helpdesk@comegetchu.com or click on Contact Us link to fill out the necessary information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.