A Comegetchu Easter Safety Message

Easter weekend (19/04/19 – 22/04/19) is upon us, as expected travelling will constitute high traffic volumes and road accidents. Careful planning and execution can alleviate multiple risks in direct correlation to your safety, the ones you love and your property.

We urge everyone to consider safety during this holiday in the highest regard and use these essential tips to help make your journey as safe as possible.

Before your trip

  • Plan your trips in advance. This allows you time to decide which roads to use and can help you avoid poor weather and high accident zones.
  • Don’t post your holiday or travel plans on social media.
  • Have your car serviced by a qualified service mechanic to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy before departure.
  • Lock all doors, shut all windows and double check everything to ensure they’re all secure.
  • All lights and indicators, windscreen wipers, brakes, steering, exhaust system and tyres should be carefully examined for faults.

On the road

  • Always make sure you and your passengers are buckled up.
  • Keep a safe following distance, this will give you enough time to react in case of an emergency.
  • Always check your blind spot before changing lanes, even when driving on a road that seems deserted.
  • Take safety breaks every 2 hours or 200 Km’s, rest and hydrate before you continue on your voyage.
  • Always be cautious when approaching a railway crossing. Be sure to slow down and proceed only when it’s safe to do so.
  • Before undertaking a journey consult your doctor to find out if your medication can cause side effects like drowsiness.
  • Stay alert and keep an eye on what’s happening around you.
  • Always be prepared. Carry an emergency kit with items that would come in handy if you’re stranded on the side of the road or involved in a vehicle accident.
  • Try to recognise potentially dangerous drivers and pedestrians along the road and keep well clear of them.
  • Be on the lookout for obstructions like potholes or animals, which often stray into the road, especially in rural areas.
  • Be cautious when driving alone and avoid stopping in remote areas.
  • Remain alert to any areas that might present a threat of criminal activity such as hijackings and smash-and-grabs.

We at Comegetchu wish you all a safe and blessed easter holiday, we look forward to seeing you all next week refreshed and well rested.