Weekly Comegetchu Road Safety Tip 63

Road Safety for the Millennial:

According to international statistics, the millennial generation is responsible for the majority of traffic violations including tailgating, last-minute cutting into lanes and using mobile phones while driving just to name a few. Distracted drivers contribute to a substantial number of motor vehicle fatalities, more so that they still use handheld mobile devices while driving. A good number of millennial drivers accelerate through amber lights increasing the risk of a traffic accident and additionally, they tend to run through a red light if they have just changed and no one is around, which is the highest percentage across all age groups. Our Botswana millennial road users also don’t always indicate at roundabouts, a mistake which can both put fellow drivers at risk, and cause a serious accident. Road safety starts with you as an individual regardless of your age group and being that extra cautious could save a life, let us all work together at a safer driving experience for all.