Weekly Comegetchu Tip 48

Drinking and driving is against the law and can lead to a hefty fine or a jail sentence, though there are laws in place stipulating the permissible limit in which an individual may be deemed fit to drive, alcohol and other behavioral altering substances can impair your judgement on the road including your sight. Below are basic steps to help alleviate the risk of a collision major or minor.

How to avoid drinking and driving:

  • Leave your car at home
  • Plan for alternative transport
  • Share a taxi or cab with friends
  • Public transport can be an option to consider
  • Stay overnight at a friend’s place
  • Get a lift with a driver who has not been drinking
  • Arrange for a friend or relative to give you a lift or to come and pick you up

The tips above could save yours or another’s life if taken seriously, consider any one of them to the best of your abilities as often as you can.