Weekly Comegetchu Tip 50

What does roadside assistance with Comegetchu cover?

We offer an array of services conducted by highly skilled and experienced technicians and engineers, which is why Comegetchu will always deliver the best service in a timely manner. Technology is our strong suite so you can rest assured that we have got you covered. Below are the typical basic services offered:

  • Investigation and/ or repair of the root cause of the breakdown.
  • Battery failure: Inspection of the battery to determine why the vehicle is not starting including the assistance with jump-starting.
  • Tyre problems: Changing of a damaged or flat tyre whether the spare tyre is available or not to get you back on the road. If the issue cannot be resolved on the spot, a tow will be the only other option.
  • Towing your vehicle after an accident, electrical or mechanical breakdown to a place of safety of your choice.
  • Providing an adequate amount of fuel for when your vehicle runs out.
  • Lockout Services: The possibility of being locked-out is very real, not only through negligence such as losing keys or locking them inside of your vehicle but also by damage caused through attempts at vehicle theft.
  • Extrication and/ or winching of the vehicle from either mud or sand.

It is essential to possess roadside assistance cover, being stranded on or off the road with a broken down vehicle, possesses a threat to your safety. Choose wisely and get Comegetchu to have your back as the Safety and Security of our valued clients is our main priority.