Weekly Comegetchu Tip 54

Road Conditions – Always be prepared

It is essential for motorists to possess the ability to adapt swiftly to the ever-changing road conditions while maintaining control of their vehicle. Motorists need to be alert at all times and anticipate road hazards beforehand.

Be able to respond safely to the following hazardous or difficult road conditions:

  • Road Works
  • Scenes of Car Accidents
  • Oil Patches
  • Sandy on the Road
  • Debris on the Road
  • Pot holes
  • Bad weather (Rain, Hail, Fog etc…)

If the need arises, motorists should signal, slow down, or make a full stop when faced with the above situations. Never speed up, change lanes, or swerve and squeeze your way through traffic as that could lead to a catastrophic occurrence. STAY SAFE AT ALL TIMES…