Weekly Comegetchu Tip 55

Necessary Winter Car Care –

  • Check your car battery regularly to keep it in perfect working order. Your car battery is prone to damage especially when the mercury levels plunge.
  • Consider changing your windscreen wipers as they are inexpensive and the winter weather is liable to cause some form of damage diminishing your ability for clear visibility on the road.
  • Check the Oil religiously to ensure the engine runs smoothly. …
  • Consider running the engine for a few minutes before embarking on a journey to heat up the engine to reduce the risk of a breakdown.
  • Pay attention to your dashboard for warning lights to alleviate the risk of any avoidable occurrence.
  • Your front and rear defrosters come in handy when there is zero visibility due to frosty weather conditions.

Take heed of these steps, as during this winter season, there is a high risk of accidents and breakdowns especially on precarious roads. Follow and like our Facebook page for more.