Weekly Comegetchu Tip 60

Tactical Driving Tips for the Every Day Driver –

Apart from defensive driving there is also tactical driving, the type of driving used to avert collisions and to keep traffic flowing without endangering the lives of others. Tactical driving can save yours and other people’s lives if conducted in the best-case scenario, which is not always achievable, however they can be if you follow the few simple steps listed below.

  1. Maintain a certain level of situational awareness: Stay focused on where you are going and ensure you have a 360-degree view of your surroundings and yes, that includes the use of your mirrors.
  2. Keep in Motion: If you find yourself in a situation where you are uncertain of your surroundings nor yours and your passenger’s safety, close your windows and lock the doors but more importantly, keep moving no matter what speed. A moving target is more difficult to conquer.
  3. Maintain enough room between vehicles: When in transit, always allow yourself enough room to react swiftly as anything can happen at any time and that extra move could save you money.
  4. If Going forward is a challenge, consider reversing
  5. Do not engage in road rage
  6. Leave the Hollywood stunt driving to the professionals
  7. Always reverse park: Leaving in hurry might be as easy as you think

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