Weekly Comegetchu Tip 61

How to Gain Surety of your Safety while Driving –

Your security must always be your top priority, not to be taken lightly especially when driving while it is dark with crime rates ever on the rise in globally, whether at night or early in the morning. The below tips will help you secure yourself, your loved ones and property.

  • Utilise your Central Locking System while Driving to keep your doors Locked at all times
  • When its Dark an you’re Driving, Never switch on your Inner Light Risking Exposure to whoever is outside
  • Do not Stop when you are Flagged down by a stranger
  • Do not Offer Lifts and if you do, be Vigilant
  • Do not store Original Copies of your vehicle in your Vehicle
  • When Driving to an Unfamiliar place, seek a companion to accompany you on the journey
  • Always keep your windows shut when driving especially when its dark
  • Ensure you have your driving license and other necessary documents
  • When options are available, use alternate routes to the same destination, never use the same route all the time to reduce the risk of being predictable
  • Always park in secure parking as they are monitored and if anything happens at least you can contact the authorities to investigate
  • Tune into local radio stations in order to keep abreast with the news on anything that may affect your trip such as traffic etc…

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