Download the Comegetchu Roadside Assistance Mobile App for an Amazing Experience

Access convenient Roadside Assistance from wherever you are on your Android smartphone or tablet, freely available for download on Google Play. Availing such an amenity makes us the First, proudly citizen owned company in the country to produce and infuse mobile technology into the Botswana automotive industry specifically for Roadside Assistance.

Our mobile app for Android is an awesome way for registered users to get value for money from all of the services that Comegetchu has to offer, within two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Allow the app to retrieve your location, that way finding you will be that much easier in your time of need.

Downloading the app

Upon the successful download and installation of the mobile app, sign up for an account by clicking on the “Dont have an Account” link within the login screen, enter all the necessary details and you’re good to go. There is an easy “How To” guide for your perusal built into the app after logging in, giving you peace of mind and confidence in any situation you may encounter stationary or in transit.



Join our Comegetchu family today for a safer and more confident travelling experience.

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