Comegetchu is a 100% citizen owned company that takes pride in offering quality and convenient services. All clients of Comegetchu gain access to an array of relevant amenities that are crucial in times of an emergency. All services are availed to you based on your subscription package and call-outs, they are as listed below.


Emergency Fuel Service:

In the event of a breakdown relating to fuel within Gaborone and surrounding areas, we will supply enough emergency fuel to get you to safety. At no extra cost we will ensure you are able to get to the closest location to fill up.

Battery Jump Start Service:

Being within the stipulated parameter avails you the service of a battery jump start should your vehicle fail to start allowing your journey to where you are going.

Flat Tyre Change  Service:

The availability of your own spare tyre allows you the service of a Flat Tyre Change as we have the equipment and the know-how to inflate and/ or change your flat without costing you anything extra. We can also supply  you with an emergency spare tyre based on your assistance package in an extreme case.

Winch Service:

Stuck in a sticky situation off-road or on-road, well we can save you from that awkward situation as we are able to winch you out with our state of the art extrication equipment with confidence.

Flatbed Towing Service:

Get involved in an accident and need an immediate response team? Log a call and we will be there to give you the support you need to not only get you to safety, we will also get your vehicle to a place of your choosing.

Lockout Service:

Locked your keys in the car? We boast a team of skilled and experienced professionals who possess the ability to “Comegetchu” in your time of need in a timely and safe manner.

Auto Recovery Service:

In the event of a breakdown, in the most severe of cases one may be forced to abandon their vehicle leaving it unsecure and incapacitated. We are equipped to recover your vehicle based on your subscription package.


Safety and security is very important to us therefore should you be in distress in the case of a vehicle related emergency, we will contact Medical and/ or Fire personnel on your behalf to assist you and your vehicle to be evacuated with the utmost urgency.

As an added service in alignment with your value for money in mind, we will run a free General Service Check to make sure other components in your vehicle are in order in which all details are included in the subscription package outline.

Terms and Conditions do apply which is explained in our subscription package documentation……