Why Us

Are there any extra charges for a call out?

We charge nothing extra for services either requested nor rendered, you pay only a 12 month subscription fee to attain access however we do also a pay per service structure and our rates are highly competitive.

Is there a limit to what services I have access to?

Based on the service call outs according to the assistance packages, within a period of 12 months you have a choice of all 6 services. You may select any of the six based on the services required and unlimited service call outs for non subscribed individuals.

If i get stranded, apart from dialing to get help, what other medium can I use to request assistance?

Technology and Service Delivery being our strong suit, the Comegetchu Roadside Assistance Mobile App is a revolutionary way in which in just a few clicks, we can pinpoint your exact location or you can reach us on +26773584811. We highly recommend the use of our mobile app as it’s user friendly, costs a fraction of a phone call and reduces our response time ensuring we get to you in the shortest time possible.

Are there any locations that may affect my eligibility for service?

We are prepared to attend to all call outs in any type of location and/ or terrain however currently we are only operating in Gaborone and surrounding areas. We intend to expand to the whole of Botswana in the near future in order to allow all access to our services.

How dependable is Comegetchu?

There is no third-party involved, you will be assisted either by our Comegetchu ERAAs (Emergency Road Assistance Attendants) or authorised and registered affiliates for all services as accountability is vital in this line of business and generally to put your mind at ease.

What distance do I have to be in order to receive assistance?

Coverage areas vary based on the type of assistance package subscription selected unless discussed and agreed upon beforehand however the pay per service structure has no such limits but at a charge.

Is there a specific type of people that can receive service from Comegetchu?

We cater to the needs of all motorists. Private, Corporate and Individuals. Insured or Uninsured.

It is one of our main priorities at Comegetchu that our customers get the maximum value for money whilst receiving world-class service, hence why we offer reasonably priced subscription packages to individuals, corporate entities and private clientele. Roadside assistance is a necessity for all drivers.

Invest in a brand that resonates reliability and convenienceā€¦

Terms and Conditions do apply which is explained in our subscription package documentation…